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Live & Work anywhere -
with metiundo

At metiundo, we believe that a healthy work life balance improves productivity, and ultimately performance. Flexible trust-based working hours, part-time options and at least two days of home office per week are our standards.

Flexible trust-based working hours

Enjoy our vibrant culture in our new offices or up to two days of remote work. Working part-time is also supported by our team setup.

Employee development

We never stop learning. Everyone in the team is free to use their annual budget for personal development and training.

Support work-life

We support and value our employees' work and private lives. Short-term illnesses and sick kids are part of life.

Current Openings


Support our finance team...


Ensure reliable and valid data communication at scale...

Berlin or Heidelberg

Sharpen our platform

Berlin or Heidelberg

Sharpen our platform

Berlin or Heidelberg

Manage our smart meter rollout projects and optimize our operations processes...


Grow our sales team (Inbound/Outbund)...


You will be working closely and collaborate with software developers, system operators, and other IT staff...

Image by Florian Wehde
Berlin, this is where metiundo was founded in 2021. The right place to unite a diverse group of talented and passionate professionals.

Berlin, Headquarter

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