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Our Team

metiundo (Latin: “By measurement”) was founded in Berlin in 2021 to help real estate steer digitalization and achieve sustainable results. We are united by our vision and passion for what we believe in and want to transform our years of experience, skills and ideas to deliver maximum value to our customers.


How It All Began

Dennis .png
Real estate is a key CO2 emitter in the EU and it is not getting less. We have many years of experience and all required skills to support the decarbonization of this sector. We know what works and what not. New regulations in 2022/23 give us the unique opportunity that our skills can have a significant impact on the decarbonization of real estate.

Dennis Nasrun, CEO & Co-Founder

Our Values

Values influence how we make decisions,

act and interact with each other. 


They significantly form our character and can be very diverse.


Shared values are at the heart of a company culture. They unite employees into a team and characterize common ways of working

Team strength

Our strength lies in the interaction of the versatile skills of our team.

Respect for the individual

We treat each other fairly and with respect.

Joy of exploration

We have the desire and will to constantly explore new things and develop ourselves further.


Our business objectives and ways of working are aligned with sustainable living.


We have high quality standards for our services.


It is fundamental for us to adhere to our guard rails in our daily actions.


The Rest Of Our Team

Yvonne Schiener

Office Manager

Cyrille Muller

Software Developer

Sebastian Schreier

Senior Operations Manager

Till Strohschneider

Working Student


Join the challange

Let's work & grow together!

We help real estate achieve large energy and CO2 savings. And have fun doing so. Join our team and drive forward to our mission together.

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