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We can do more than just measure!

Create holistic energy and CO2 reports, automate your utility billing, integrate and control tenant power systems, heat pumps, storage or charging stations in the energy market, use variable electricity prices. With metiundo.


Digital Cellar. The gateway to the digital world.

We offer property owners all energy (electricity, gas, heat) and water live data of their property portfolio as a service for an annual fee. The holistic and transparent data set enables compliant CO2 reporting, but also implementation and management of energy efficiency and renewables measurements.

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Metering redesigned:
Simple for the customer. Future proof for all use cases.

Switching to metiundo is extremly easy. We set our focus on the customer experience. From concept over installation to our own data platform. We offer a One-Stop-Solution. For electricity, gas, heat and water you have only one point of contact.


Our technology is compliant and future proof. From variable electricity tariffs and tenant electricity to heat pumps and charging stations, we have considered the integration and control of new technologies.

How It Works


Order Confirmation

  • metiundo takes care of the end to end process.

  • Customer master data is captured in digital form.



Infrastructure Setup

  • metiundo organizes hardware procurement and financing.

  • Necessary hardware is installed/replaced by our technicians.​


Data Capturing

  • All measurement data are captured on our central data platform.

  • A complete digital image of the energy and water use in the building is created.


Live Data Access

  • Customers can customize the way they access their live data.

  • Data can be processed and evaluated as required by use case.



Data You Can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

Our systems receives the metering data in live-time and ingests them into the database to make it available tailored to your needs.

02. Single source

One supplier with one system and one interface for all required energy and water data of your property portfolio.

03. Secure & Compliant

metiundo provides encrypted data transmission in line with data regulations and to be used for any communication with the energy market.

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About Us


We are a team of experts from the energy industry for regulation, IT and metering technology. With our expertise and customer centricity, we want to help to reduce the carbon footprint of real estate. For us reducing CO2 emissions is a matter of the heart. It is the only way to achieve the climate goals of real estate!

With this focus metiundo was founded in 2021. In 2022, we brought our product to market and conducted the first successful pilots. In 2023, we will scale our solution.

CO2 emissions in the real estate sector must be reduced quickly. But what is not measured, cannot be managed:


Our live data on consumption and generation in real estate enable maximum effective use of electricity, gas, heat and water in everyday life at all times.

Vision & Mission

Our focus is customer centricity. Switching to digital meters is easy with metiundo. Our platform is clear and tailored to the needs of our users.


Our One-Stop-Solution means that you have only one point of contact for all metering data (electricity, gas, heat, water), a fully digitalized process and live data that is compliant for all use cases.


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Our Locations

Berlin (Main Office)

Bessemerstraße 16

12103 Berlin


Palo-Alto-Platz 11
69124 Heidelberg

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