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Our Product

More than just measuring - let your properties take an active role in a decentralised energy world!

  • How do you differentiate?
    As one supplier, we provide live data for all energy and water use cases through an integrated data model based on a holistic smart metering infrastructure.
  • What do you measure?
    We measure electricity, gas, district heating, water and heating (as heat quantity or via heat cost allocator).
  • Are there any restrictions on the metering?
    In the real estate sector, no: We measure main and submetering and it makes no difference to us whether we measure a household meter, a heat pump or a CHP. However, we are not active in the industrial sector or for large-scale plants.
  • Do I have to take care of the installation or technology?
    No - we want to make a complex topic like metering as simple as possible for you. Just tell us some structural data of your building and the desired metering data. We take care of everything else - from installation to clarification of all processes with the utility company.
  • How do I get my data?
    Automated as you need it - e.g. as csv export, on our portal or via API interface.
  • What can I use the data for?
    We provide data for every application: Whether consumption measurement, feed-in measurement of the local PV system or the control data of the charging station. As a metering point operator for electricity and gas, we also cover data relevant to the energy market and can also cover regulated data requirements for electricity and gas. This also enables us to determine a complete CO2 footprint of a building for ESG reporting in a data protection-compliant manner.
  • Where do you offer your service?
    In Germany.
  • What price do I have to pay?
    You only pay an annual fee over 8 years. The fee depends on the number and type of meters installed. Today, you pay the flat rate for individual measurements to energy/water suppliers for electricity, gas, district heating and water, and to your metering service provider for measurements in rented apartments. In the future, you will pay these fees to us in total.
  • Do I have to pay extra for the hardware?
    No, the leasing costs for the installed hardware are included in the annual fee.
  • Do you also serve private customers?
    No, we only serve the B2B segment.
  • What hardware do you use?
    We use standard hardware (meters as well as communication technology) and thus also fulfil all regulatory requirements for metering technology.
  • How are the meters and gateways connected in terms of communication technology?
    If possible, meters are connected wireless (wMBUS), unless regulatory requirements only permit a wired connection. Gateways are connected via LTE if possible or via Ethernet in individual cases.
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