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Our Motivation

The building sector consumes around 35 % of final energy consumption and thus causes 30 % of annual CO2 emissions in Germany.

Therefore the German government's climate targets call for CO2 emissions from buildings to be reduced by 43% or 120 million tons CO2eq by 2030 compared to 2018.

We want to become a pillar of a sustainable energy and utility industry with a digital metering infrastructure. This is because we believe that we can only achieve sustainable change if we quantify and understand the impact of our actions.

Through careful and conscious behavior, households can reduce their CO2 emissions by up to one ton per year. This gives us a huge potential to collectively contribute to climate goals.

Let's work together to achieve this goal!

Our Motivation
metiundo world.png

Passion connects.
Diversity expands.
Courage unfolds.

Our Values

Values influence how we make decisions, act and interact with each other. They significantly form our character and can be very diverse.

Shared values are at the heart of a corporate culture. They unite employees into a team and characterize common ways of working.

At metiundo, it is therefore particularly important for us to be aware of our values and to live them in daily life.


Team strength

Our strength is the interaction of our versatile team.

We appreciate individual experiences, knowledge, talents and passions of all employees, which perfectly complement.

This enables us to achieve our

common goals.


For a future worth living, we need a 100% renewable energy supply.

With our work on digital measuring and controlling infrastructure, we want to make an essential contribution to this.

Internally, we foster a sustainable work culture that motivates and supports us all on this long journey.

Respect for the individual

We treat each other fairly and with respect. Openness and tolerance are
the guiding principles of
our interaction.

We not only value professional contributions of our employees, we also respect and consider individual circumstances.



We have absolute quality standards.

The needs of our customers, partners and employees are at the forefront of our work.

We aim to develop and offer our services at a high level and to continuously improve our service.

Joy of exploration

We have the desire and will to constantly explore new things and develop ourselves further.

We have the courage to explore new

and unknown topics.

In doing so, we focus on individual freedom and creativity and provide
each other with the best possible support.


We live our values in the way we work, the decisions we make and the
actions we take.

We are aware that great ambitions can create great pressure and lead to

ethical boundary crossings. We draw clear red lines for this, which we do
not cross.

Explore your Opportunities

You find yourself in our values and would also like to contribute to the energy transition and sustainable use of resources?

Find out more about working with us and browse through our

job postings.

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